100% Sellers Protection

We always promise our webmasters 100% sellers protection.

You will always get paid as promised, even if we don't.

Fast Payments

You can choose to be paid weekly or monthly - or directly.

Along with our seller's protection, we also promise to pay you fast.

One Invoice

No more hassle with hundreds of invoices that have to be sorted.

From us, you only get one invoice for all your sales.

It' Free

If we don't sell any of your links, you will never get charged.

When we sell, we only charge the standard commission and you get clients you probably never would have gotten otherwise.

Standard Price - More Sales

When we offer your links to clients - we always charge them your standard price (if you sell for €100 - we sell for €100).

This results in lower end-prices to clients and more sales for you!

Reliable Partner

We have been in the search engine business for +10 years and we don't plan to leave it.

Link.Builders is a well-funded, long-term project and you will be able to join our journey to change the link selling industry.

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Outstanding Software

Our techteam is working everyday to create the best link buying tool available on the market.

SEO-professionals from various industries loves the fact that they can websites automatically suggested according to their needs. Your websites will be promoted to all matching clients, old and new.

Ahrefs API

Link Monitoring

Index & Article Links



Auto Suggest

We do Marketing - To Sell Your Links

Every week, we are meeting with potential clients to promote our platform, which means your links. We work hard to create the best link buying experience and your website could be part of it.

Every year, we are also travelling to various conferences to promote Link.Builders even more. All of these activities are done to make sure our webmasters gets as many sales as possible.

You can enjoy the power of having us working for you without risking a single penny!

Get Access to Link.Builders

The registration to Link.Builders is closed. We only accept new clients based on recommendations from existing ones.