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Sell Links - Simple & Fast

One Invoice, No Bullsh*t Emails & 100% Sellers Protection – Link Sales Made Easy

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The Link.Builders Platform

Our service and promise to never add any broker-fee to our prices is normally enough to convince link buyers to try us.
But with our platform, we have taken it further. Much further.

100% Sellers Protection

We always promise our webmasters 100% sellers protection. You will always get paid as promised, even if we don't.

Fast Payments

You can choose to be paid weekly or monthly - or directly. Along with our seller's protection, we also promise to pay you fast.

One Invoice

No more hassle with hundreds of invoices that have to be sorted.

From us, you only get one invoice for all your sales.

It' Free

If we don't sell any of your links, you will never get charged.

When we sell, we only charge the standard commission and you get clients you probably never would have gotten otherwise.

Standard Price - More Sales

When we offer your links to clients - we always charge them your standard price (if you sell for €100 - we sell for €100).

This results in lower end-prices to clients and more sales for you!

Reliable Partner

We have been in the search engine business for +10 years and we don't plan to leave it.

Link.Builders is a well-funded, long-term project and you will be able to join our journey to change the link selling industry.

We're not another link broker - We're a new way of buying links

Link building is something we have done for many years. Also through link brokers, but we got tired of the enormous broker fees so we decided to do something about it. We created Link.Builders.


We always show you the webmasters original price. We keep data super-fresh through direct API. We believe transparency is better, easier and much more fun.


To build links successfully, you need to analyse your existing backlink profile & compare with your competitors. We fetch all of your backlinks to give you the full picture.

Zero Percent Broker Free - Same price as manual outreach

You will always get the same price from us as you would if you contacted the webmasters directly.

We never add any extra broker-fee. Experienced link buyers find this fishy and weird because that’s not how it works 
normally. And we know that.

So how do you make money?

We have a lot of clients in our database, and webmasters want us to promote their websites.

As a return, we require 25% bulk discount on their standard prices.

This is the cut we get. As simple as that!

Do you add new websites?

Oh, yes. We’re getting a lot of requests every day from webmasters who want to increase their sales.

Our best and safest way is, however to let our outreach team contact them directly. New websites are being added daily.

How much can you charge for your links?

The SEO clients in our platform are normally looking for highly authoritative websites (with a lot of backlinks from well-known websites), related to their topic (we have clients in a lot of markets) and links from websites with a lot of organic traffic. Feel free to try our calculator to get an indication how much you can charge our clients.