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Link.Builders Platform's Features

Why still use multiple tools to manage your backlinks when you have our all-in-one platform?

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Link.Builders Platform's Features

We always strive to stay the most efficient all-in-one link building platform out there. That is why we developed so many unique features on our platform. We want to help YOU achieve your craziest SEO goals.

Get Better Links - Cheaper

Price is a huge factor why clients are choosing a trusted partner.

Our in-depth price comparisons shows that we are on average ~20% cheaper than our top 3 competitors.

We only deal directly with the webmasters to get you the best price!

Competitor Analysis

Compare and analyze your website against your competitors. Manually insert the URLs of your competitors and analyze your personal data vs. your competitor’s:

Anchor Text Distribution, Referring Domains (Dofollow), Average Traffic, Average DR (Domain Rating), Home Page VS. Sub Page Link Ratio, SPAM Score, NoFollow VS. DoFollow Ratio.


Easy and useful tool that tells you which backlinks your competitor has, but you do not… yet!

These are links that work for the top performers, which is an indication they will work for you as well. This also helps eliminate your competitor's under-performing links.

Historic Metric Data

We store all data we collect so you will get historic data in a way you can’t get anywhere else.

When it’s time to renew a link, you can easily see how the traffic, DA, and backlinks have changed over the years. Best way to determine if you should renew or not!

Daily Link Checker

Our bots are crawling your links every day to make sure they are not dropped, changed from dofollow, changes in anchor texts etc.

If something changes, you’ll get notified. The date will be recorded, therefore you will know when the change has happened.

Metric Updates (API)

Our platform is connected to Ahrefs API and collects data regularly (DA. DR, Traffic, broken links,...).

This way, the data presented in our database is always fresh and up-to-date. This makes it simple to filter among links and sort out the best ones for you.

Backlink Fetch

We fetch all your backlinks. Yes, even those that are not bought through Link.Builders' platform.

This means that you can use all our tools with full data access and monitor all links and your growth through Link.Builders. This is extremely useful if you like working with data.


When your backlinks have been imported, you’ll have to classify them. By doing this, you can start monitoring links, ignoring links or sending them to the disavow list.

When links have been classified as “disavow”, you can generate a disavow-file on domain or URL-level with one click.

Personalized Outreach

Our backlink database is growing exponentially. Though it can happen that some of the links you want are not in our database (yet).

Let it not stop you! Our dedicated Outreach Team is here to help you get all your desired domains. We are just one click away.

Backlink Classification

Classify your external backlinks (links not bought through LinkBuilders) to monitor, ignore or disavow them.

You can choose to make it very detailed by adding prices and renewal dates, or make it quick and still get tons of data to analyze.


Our data is being visualized in a dashboard, so you can easily control your spent and upcoming costs.

This is also great for anchor text analysis, historic link growth, geographical links spread etc. Everything can be analyzed on sub-page level.

JuiceFlow Visualization

The JuiceFlow and sitemap chart visualize how your website is structured, and where most link juice is flowing.

This is great when planning ahead your future links as well as for understanding how it is affecting your rank.

Link Market Filter

Filter the exact Ahrefs metrics you want:

  • Minimum & Maximum Price
  • Domain Rating (DR)
  • Organic Traffic
  • Category
  • Niche
  • Country Traffic
  • Language
  • Ranking KW
  • Number of Referring Domains


Select the sensitive niche you are targeting, so that you are sure to buy backlinks that allow them. Here are the current niches we specialize in:

  • Gambling
  • Crypto
  • Loan
  • Dating
  • CBD
  • Adult

Content Pre-Approval

Create detailed content guidelines, pre-approve the content, and request modifications if needed. Get the maximum control over your content:

  • Choose the word count
  • Decide the article topic
  • Write down the anchor text
  • Choose the main keywords
  • Select the tone of voice
  • Add authority link

Suggested Links

If you wish to save time, you can always use the Suggested Links feature. Choose your preferred metrics and let our tool suggest what links you should buy, based on the information you provided. New links are provided every week.

IP Detection

To avoid receiving possible penalties from Google, you can remove all the backlinks in our link market that have the same IP address as one link you may have bought already. This tool is very useful if you wish to avoid link farms.


A link appeals to you but you are not ready to buy it yet? No problem. Just add it to your wish list so that you can easily find it later without having to do all the research again.

Duplicate Link Detection

Our advanced technology allows you to ONLY see the available backlinks you do not already have. Once you decide to buy new backlinks, your current backlinks will be automatically excluded. This helps you to avoid duplicated links.

Juice Ratio

The Juice Ratio (also called Juice Meter) is Link.Builders own metric. It determines how many incoming backlinks a domain has VS. its outbound links. Use this as a filter in the marketplace. This way, you can easily avoid spammy websites.

Backlink Renewal

When you buy links that have an expiration date, you’re able to renew them all in one single tab. You are able to see the expiration date in advance for better monitoring, as well as the link's historical data over the last year.

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