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Do you really have 0% broker fee?

Yes, we never add anything on the prices and we are doing check-ups to make sure we have correct price listed. If you see any suspicious prices, please contact us and we will investigate it.

As a Freemium user, can I buy from 10% of your sites?

No, you can buy from 100% of the links in our portfolio. However, only 10% of the URL's are visible. The rest are censored and will be visible when published.

How do I know I don't already have a censored link?

If you upload your backlinks (either through a Ahrefs export and import or simple copy-paste), all existing links will be automatically filtered.

Why is iy so expensive with a Premium account?

When we activate a Premium account, we start our full factory including our own crawlers and third party data imports. The data power and third-party services costs money and we need a fixed fee in order to start this machinery.

Can you help us with all of our SEO?

Unfortunately we can not. We can help you with off-page link building and you can hand-over these services to us, but on-page SEO (content and technical SEO) must be handled elsewhere.

How do you make money?

We charge the sellers (webmasters) if they want to be listed on link.builders, instead of the buyers. In order to be listed on link.builders we require 25% commission on the order value and the webmasters can only be listed if they accept this with their standard price.

Can I add prices on imported backlinks?

Yes, in "External Backlinks", you can add both prices and end date, if you want to control all of your links, spend, budget and upcoming costs through Link.Builders.

Can I try Premium for free?

Unfortunately not. Activating a Premium account means activating a lot of our crawlers together with third party data fetch, witch is connecting with extra costs.

We recommend you to start with the Freemium account and upgrade if you like it.

Is it worth to pay for Link.Builders Premium?

Since we don't add any broker-fee's to our prices, you will save money if you buy 5-7 links per month compared to the average broker fee and average link cost.

Except the savings, you will of course get all the extra value a Premium account means.

I bought all links I want - what to do?

We add new links on a daily basis, but if you experience our link database is thin for your specific niche, market and language - please contact us for some dedicated outreach!

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