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What sets us apart is the dedication of the people in the company – I know this sounds cliche, but when I joined this team, I quickly understood how motivated they all are in making sure we deliver nothing but the best.

Wesley Kock, the new Head of Sales at Link.Builders

Link.Builders are happy to announce our latest addition to the team – Wesley Kock just joined from Brand Legends and Internet Vikings and will join the team as our new the Head of Sales.

As a client, Wesley and his problem-solving and positive attitude are what you often will see when contacting Link.Builders. He’s already warm in his shoes and is happy to take on any demos, or questions or help out with a customized link-building plan.

We sat down with Wesley to ask some questions to present him to the world of link builders.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how you became Head of Sales at Link.Builders?

My background consists mainly of Tech/iGaming-related roles, having held positions in big tech companies before moving to Malta.

I moved to Malta in July 2014 and started working in the iGaming industry – mainly with game suppliers like Evolution Group / Authentic Gaming and Pragmatic Play.

I have since transitioned into the SEO space, coming from Internet Vikings which became Brand Legends and am growing both my skills as well as my network.

Lucas Gerhardsson – Co-Founder of Link.Builders reached out to me personally, we started talking, and I got a really good understanding of what they wanted to achieve, which was exactly in line with what I would envision for my next role.

A few meetings and emails later, now Link.Builders is officially stuck with me.

The Non-Avatar Version of Wesley (he’s not a bot!)

What did you find exciting in Link.Builders in general and your new role in particular?

The company is very young; it’s in its infancy stage and this is the most exciting time for any growing company. There are growing pains and things we need to start getting in place, working past all the hurdles and processes, is what excites me the most. Seeing a company grow into a name-stay within the industry is a very gratifying feeling.

Besides that, it’s for me a perfect opportunity to spread my wings and put my skills and experience to good use. Making a mark within the company and the industry by showcasing that we’re not just another up-and-coming company that makes ripples, but we’re here to make waves and become the n1. link buying platform!

What can clients of Link.Builders expect from you? When are you the guy to contact?

Clients can expect to always get in touch with a professional, whether that would be me or it’s anyone else in the sales team.

We’re here to serve our customers the best way we can, finding solutions to their link-buying problems, whether that’s thinking and working alongside them, or coming up with new strategies/ideas.

Even if you just want to get in touch to see what our platform can do for you, I’m always happy to take time and sit down with anyone and share my thoughts and ideas of building a good link strategy that fits with your business’s SEO needs.

Now to get into “when” I’m the guy to reach out to, that’s easy, whenever you need links, want more insight into your link portfolios and when you want to bring everything into a single simple platform where you have all the data you could want.

Or if you just want to have a coffee and hear me tell one of my legendary dad-jokes.

What is your sales philosophy and how do you plan to implement it at Link.Builders?

I’ve had a client-first approach, meaning that I’m always trying to build a relationship with the customer. It’s more of a marriage than a fling.

In short, if the customer is happy and they’re able to speak to the team or me, there’s a higher chance of making the marriage work.

I’m planning on putting that same philosophy to use here and I think we’re already well underway of getting just that done.

Safe to say I’m very much looking forward to how we can help our clients grow their business.

True success is measured by the happiness of the teams, if they do well, we will do well as a company (no ChatGPT didn’t suggest this one-liner)

How do you plan to build and manage a successful sales team?

A successful sales team is made up of people who are competitive with each other and always have their eye on outperforming the goals we set.

I look for people who have that natural drive and willingness to go the extra mile and build a team that can rely on each other.

Working hard Monday to Friday is only part of the job, it’s important we also take time to have some fun, play sports with our customers, or do team-building activities.

I have a very flexible personality, if the job gets done and we outperform our goals as a team, there’s always time for some fun activities to wind down.

True success is measured by the happiness of the teams, if they do well, we will do well as a company (no ChatGPT didn’t suggest this one-liner)

What are some of the biggest challenges you anticipate facing in your new role, and how do you plan to address them?

As with every start-up there will be challenges and things we’re going to run into, whether it’s the hiring process, bits and pieces to add to the platform, branding our product and services, structuring and then restructuring the company are just a few things to name.

How do you plan to stay up-to-date on industry trends and changes in the link building landscape?

The easiest way to stay up-to-date with the industry is through social platforms and attending events.

Of course I’ll hear things when doing things with the customers and LinkedIn is a great source for information!

Speaking of which, I’m always happy to discuss the latest and greatest, so if there’s anything you think worth talking about, hit me up and we can talk over a cup of coffee.

What do you think sets Link.Builders apart from other link building companies, and how do you plan to communicate this to clients?

What truly sets us apart isn’t the fact we have some of the lowest, if not the lowest fees, or our amazing platform, nor our super nice laid-out graphs and performance metrics; it’s not even based on the features we just released into the platform, where you can split several projects and track their performance separately, it’s also not because we’re building the biggest link market in the world!

What sets us apart is the dedication of the people in the company – I know this sounds cliche, but when I joined this team, I quickly understood how motivated they all are in making sure we deliver nothing but the best.

How do I plan on communicating that? Call me and come see for yourself!

I promise you won’t be bored with a long sales pitch and a boring pitch deck.

A snapshop from the Link.Builders platform, mentioned in the interview

Can you walk us through your process for developing relationships with new clients?

First and foremost, we need to make sure we understand the issues they are currently facing. No issues with your current link-buying strategy? Perfect! This means we can start talking about how we can save up to half your budget and as such increase your buying potential and achieve a stronger link profile quicker.

Once we’ve understood what the client wants and needs, we will start building a solid plan and approach to ensure we achieve their goals.

Now the client is happy, as they are getting what they want, but we don’t stop here. This is only the beginning of the marriage.

I’m always keen to step onto a padel court with my clients (I won’t go easy on you though, so best bring your a-game), organise a tournament, organise a evening at a comedy club and have a few laughs, or wind down on a Friday with a beer or glass of wine.

Managing the client expectations makes a part of this too, as we never want to over promise and under deliver on their needs.

How do you plan to balance clients’ needs with the company’s goals?

Great question actually, as this is a pivotal part of any sales team, so here are my thoughts.

Balancing the needs is vital within any organisation.

Not being able to balance client needs with company goals could be detrimental in the long run.

First of all, effective communication and keeping the client updated throughout their lifecycle with us.

Managing the client expectations makes a part of this too, as we never want to over promise and under deliver on their needs.

The company’s goals and financial targets need to be considered here too, after all we’re not running a charity. But businesses understand this, so if we can find middle ground, where we can grow the client and have a healthy balance sheet, it’s the sweet spot.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a successful salesperson in the link building industry?

Character, personality, integrity and motivation are the main points.

Skills and experience we can teach, but not how they are in life.

So even someone with 0 working experience and no knowledge of the SEO landscape could become successful if they truly wanted to.

Ideally though we would have someone who knows their way around SEO and Link Building in general, to effectively communicate.

But as I mentioned before, we can teach skills, so if you’re highly motivated, a true self-starter and have a natural drive to succeed, you will become successful.

What are your long-term goals for your role at Link.Builders, and how do you plan to achieve them?

In the long run I would very much like to see healthy and steady growth for both the company as well myself. Over the next few years, the ideal plan is that we get about a 5-6 person commercial team and create a sales organisation that will keep on smashing through their targets. In terms of my own role, we’ll need to see where that leads us and what the possibilities are, but first and foremost, let’s create a success story out of Link.Builders.

In terms of how we create this success, it’s quite simple. I’ll lay the foundation and do the grunt work, start working on building a healthy database with opportunities, outside of my existing network of course.

Once that is achieved, we can bring in a sales team that literally can come in and start closing deals.

We would like to see a decent 25% – 30% growth YoY – which should be achievable for us.

So stay tuned, keep in touch and soon you’ll start seeing the waves!


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