Some of the latest updates to Link.Builders

During the upcoming months, we will release a bunch of new features and improvements to Link.Builders. Our features will help you to scale your link building and make it easier, faster, cheaper and more fun. Both for SEO professionals and website owners.

Apart from the about 100 smaller fixes, we have done in the past month, some of the bigger and more noticeable ones are:

Advanced Content Options

You now have much more freedom in specifying your content and your requested articles.

New, non-mandatory additions are:

  • The tone of Voice: Decide what tone the writer should have in the article.
  • Focus Keyword: Increase the article’s relevancy by providing a specific keyword you want the writer to focus on.
  • Sub-keyword: Pick a second keyword for the writer.
  • Source URL: Use a reliable and authoritative source on which the writers can base their article.
  • Writer Instructions: We always include the basic SEO specifications and instructions, but you can also add your instructions.

New Menu Structure

Instead of separating various parts of the platforms with lines, we have changed the menu into something we believe is much more logical and simple.

The new menu is separated into three main headers and contains a few sub-headers.


  • Overview & Competitors: Here you will find some Link.Builders-related news alongside your average link growth compared to competitors and the popular LinkSteal-function, all improved as well.
  • Overall Link Data: Spend, anchor texts, link growth over time etc.
  • JuiceFlow: The visualisation of the juice flow which required link classification to get the full picture.

Get Links

  • Link Market: The most popular section with all our broker-fee-free links together with fresh Ahrefs metrics.
  • Suggested Links: If you’re using our outreach service, you will find your suggestions here.
  • Requested Links: All links requested through “LinkSteal” ends up here.

Monitor Links

  • Your Links & Statuses: Lists your bought and monitored links crawled by our bots to ensure they are live.
  • Links to Classify: The externally imported links ends up here, where you can classify and choose to monitor them.
  • Manually Add Link: If we didn’t fetch some links, you can manually add them here to monitor them.

10x Faster LinkMarket

We have been struggling with the speed of our LinkMarket, but after putting a lot of time and effort into optimising it, we are very close to calling it lightning fast.

Now it’s easy to browse and sort among thousands of high-quality links and filter based on updated metrics, prices and various link types.

The optimisation never ends, but we are extremely happy to see this huge progress into our most used feature.

Take care & see you in the SERP!