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On Link.Builders, we are working in a transparent and honest way with our clients. Our standard client is an SEO professional with many years of experience in the affiliate niche and they have high demands on the websites they are buying sponsored articles and other links from. Therefore, we are very picky with the websites we list in the database. We always review the websites before they are being added to the Link Builders portfolio and some of our requirements to be listed are;

  • No blackhat link strategies
  • No penalized websites
  • No spam content
  • Real websites with real traffic
  • Reasonable pricing

We expect you as a webmaster to be;

  • Agile and with a problem-solving attitude
  • Answer fast to requests
  • Always publish links within +/-3 days
  • Proactively inform us if prices are changing

! One of the most important things for you as a webmaster to know is that we always list your standard prices.

You are not allowed to list higher prices on Link.Builders then you do when someone is contacting you directly (of course we understand bulk discounts etc, but this concerns the standard pricing).

If we encounter any breach of this, your site will be excluded from Link.Builders portfolio.

We charge 25% of the order value. If you don’t sell anything, we will never charge you. You will gain access to a database with thousands of potential customers and we will make sure this database is constantly growing through various marketing initiatives. Our mission is to make you sell more.

If you are willing to give us access to your website, you don’t even have to publish the links. Just lean back and wait for the paycheck.

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