How much can you make by selling links?

The traditional way of making an income as a webmaster hasn’t really changed for a long time. Big, annoying banners or ads from Google Adsense which only pay based on clicks, impressions or actions have made it hard to generate any significant income if you don’t have a very big website.

More and more website owners find it attractive to join the trend of selling sponsored articles, native articles and front page links for SEO purposes. Link.Builders are connecting thousands of webmasters with a lot of SEO professionals and we are taking care of marketing and sales, while webmasters only have to publish the content on the website.

Since the main purpose of this marketing technique is to empower the client’s website through a link, webmasters don’t have to give up much space on their website and definitely not large, annoying banners. Our clients are happy with a small text link or icon, linking to their website.

This income is also not sensitive to seasonal changes in traffic or temporarily lost rankings. Permanent Articles with high quality content (which is not only free – you get paid to publish is) is always high demand.

Front page links gives you a yearly, passive income and over 75% of our clients renew their links.

But how much can you charge for a link?

We have created a simple link price calculator to give your an idea of what price would be suitable for your website.

You can find your Ahrefs data here.