In order to use Link.Builders you will have to add your own website to the system. Link.Builders will start to crawl your backlinks and instantly populate your account with data.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it. Below the text guide, you will find a video explanation of it as well.

Step 1
When logging in to Link.Builders the first time, you will have to add one of your websites. Start by clicking on the “+”-sign in the right corner.

Step 2
Fill out a name for your website and the URL. Remember to use correct www/non-www and SSL (https) attribute. If you have a multilingual website it’s recommended to add one website for every language.

Step 3
Include language, a group and (if you want) a description. To use groups is recommended since you will be able to see data based on Group level. Great for different markets, niches or companies if you’re an agency.

Step 4
Confirm that your sitemap has been identified. The system automatically detects 95% of all sitemaps and add your sub-pages to the system. If we can’t find it you can manually add a sitemap path (or add individual subpages later).

Step 5
Add additional information and competitors. This data is used to suggest links and also analyse your competitors link growth. It also enables the “Link Steal”, which makes it possible to request outreach on competitors links with one click.

Step 6
All done. The system starts fetching your and your competitors link data and you will start seeing data. You can now also use the Link Market to buy links and start to classify your external links.