Which Kind of Link Buyer Are You?


What do you mean?


0% Broker Fee

The reason why you should buy all links through Link.Builders.

We never add any costs on the links. If the price from the webmaster is €200, your price will be €200. We charge the website owners, not the buyers. Just how we believe link building should be!

Daily Link Checker

Our bots are crawling your links every day to make sure they are not dropped, changed from dofollow, changes in anchor texts etc.

If something changes, you’ll get notified and the date will be recorded so you will know when the change happened.

Metric Updates (API)

We are connected to Ahrefs API and collects data regularly.

The data presented in our database is always fresh and up-to-date. This makes it simple to filter among links and sort out the best ones for you.

Historic Metric Data

We store all data we collect so you will get historic data in a way you can’t get somewhere else.

When it’s time to renew a link, you can easily see how the traffic, DA, backlinks etc have changed over the year. Super efficient when it’s time to determine if you should renew or not!


Our data is being visualized in dashboard so you easily can control your spend and upcoming costs.

This is also great for anchor text analysis, historic link growth, geographical links spread etc. Everything can be analysed on sub-page level.

JuiceFlow Visualisation

The JuiceFlow and sitemap chart visualises how your website is structured and where most link juice is flowing.

This is great when planning your future links and for understanding how it’s affecting your rank.

Backlink Fetch

We fetch your backlinks, even if they’re not bought through us. This means that you can use all our tools with full data access and monitor all links and your growth through Link.Builders. This is amazing if you like data.

This feature is limited by client type (see types above).


When your backlinks have been imported, you’ll have to classify them. By classifying you can start monitor links, ignore links or send them to the disavow list.

When links have been classified as “disavow”, you can generate a disavow-file on domain or URL-level with one click.

Competitor Analysis

Add your competitors to the system and you will get frequent updates and automatic analysis on their backlinks.

Get direct data on your competitor’s links and recent link growth.

Backlink Classification

Classify your external backlinks (links not bought through LinkBuilders) to monitor, ignore or disavow.

You can choose to make it very detailed by adding prices and renewal dates or make it quick and still get tons of data to analyse.

Personalised Outreach

Get all the links you need with tailored outreach efforts from our dedicated outreach team.

With one click, you can request outreach on competitors links and we will jump right to it!

This is a premium feature for Regular and Plus Clients.


Get one of the most sophisticated and advanced SPAM-score directly in the system, directly from Moz. The score checks for similar features as sites that has been penalized by Google.

The system checks for 27 common features found among millions of analysed penalized websites. Will be launched in November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions About our Service

SEO-professionals and frequent link buyers are used to always pay a broker fee (an added, hidden fee on the link price) when they buy from non-direct sellers.

We have been working with affiliate marketing for many years and got tired of this pricing model. The added fees got crazy high and when counting on how much we paid in broker fees we realised something has to be done.

All the websites on Link.Builders have agreed to give us a discount on their standard price, so we charge the website owners, not the buyers. Like it should be.

The minimum spend is being evaluated on the 31st of December each year, so as a regular client you don’t necessarily have to spend €1500 each month, just on average over the period of a year.

If you don’t spend the minimum spend we have to charge a fee of 20% of the minimum threshold to cover the costs related to premium features. Much less than the standard broker fee addition. 🙂

We are connected to two of the most sophisticated link databases – Ahrefs and Moz.

Both are integrated into Link.Builders through a direct API so all data is fresh and up to date.

“Full transparency” means that we are giving you all data and also make sure that it is up-to-date and recently fetched.

Our pricing model is also transparent – no added broker fees, always the same price as if you would contact the webmaster yourself.

Apart from that, some competitors choose to censor what websites you buy from and they are only presenting the data. We would never do that.

Sorry, we have pushed our margins to the bottom and we can’t give any discounts.

We focus on giving you the lowest prices available and at the same time focus on developing our platform and provide brilliant customer service.

We update our data on a regular basis, but some data more frequently than others.

Some data, like your link status and changes, is updated every day. Other data, like Domain Rating and Traffic is fetched on a weekly basis.

The maximum gap is 7 days, but most data is updated more often.

Please see our dedicated page for website owners if you wish to sell links on our platform.


The registration to Link.Builders is closed. We only accept new clients based on recommendations from existing ones.